Friday, July 24, 2009


Our last stop was Legoland!!!!!!!!!!!!My favorite!!!!!!!!!
there were man rides we went on it was very
fun!!!!!!!!We had a fun vacation but if it wasn't for my
parents we wouldn't have this vacation.Thank You!!!!!!

Petco Park

We also enjoyed a game of baseball at Petco
park!!!!!!We saw the San Diego Padres and Houston
Astros.We were also tracking down our cousins Desi's
baseball game:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night of Kings

This was a show in Las Vegas we went to at our hotel
were they had knights and horses they served a
wonderful meal of chicken and dessert(apple pie)

Hoover Dam

We also came to visit the Hoover Dam We took a tour and went 100's
of feet underground!!!!!!!!!!It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will never forget about the Dam!!!!!!!!!

Grand Canyon

Another part of our vacation was the amazing Grand Canyon.
On all these pictures you have a good look of the Grand Canyon
What beautiful nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sedona Mountains

I finally got to post my vacation!!!!!!!!! This was the
Sedona mountains coming from Phoenix Arizona
We found some beautiful mountains!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We just got back from the island today and it was so much fun and my cousin Gina tagged along with us.

Let me tell you the story about our trip to South Padre Island

Day 1-When we got to the Island we were very excited we were staying in a trailer and loved it. But as we went out to get our luggage everyone scurried out and the trailer door closed and got locked out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we waited about an hour for the Locks Smith and when he arrived he thought we got locked out of our car door and could not open it!!!!!!!!!! But then one of my moms friend happened to be there and saw we were locked out . Then he saw a storage box under the trailer and noticed a piece of plywood which led to a bed so my Lil brother Josh climbed up there got inside the trailer and opened the door!!!!!!!!!We were happy we got back inside and rested the rest of the night

Day 2-Went to the beach all afternoon!!!!!!!!!

Day 3-Went to Schlitterbahn all day!!!!!!!!!!

Day 4-Went to the pool and came back home

We had a fun rip to the island and
hope to go back soon

Monday, July 6, 2009

Josh got his first stpga medal as 5th place at
Palm View Golf Course his caddie was his dad
and his score was a 50. Congratulations Josh!!!!!!!