Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friends Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are some of my friends from school.We are now "Seniors" at our school (5Th graders) I will not be at the same school as them.I will not be with them until freshmen year :(.So this is my last year with them and will miss them so much and i will have to start over like from beginning

Anica-You were a good friend and some one to depend on.

Michelle-My bff almost like a sister and a day younger than me.

Clarissa-A another friend i just met last year will miss you a lot (try not to get into trouble)

Gabie-was another good friend and also helped me along the way.

Brianna-We never hung out much but you were a friend to me.

Good luck in middle school next year and will miss you a lot

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Tabby Girl!

Last week as i was headed out to school i realized that my cat Tabby was dead.First we thought she was sleeping but after many loud noises we realized she was dead.Well we really didn't buy her she showed up at our doorstep and we kept her.We don't know how she died but I havefeeling she died in her sleep because usually cats go out and hide themselves when they die.
So this is our Tabby Girl she has been part of our family for 2 years and never knew how old she was.