Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camp Zephyr~The Touch of Christ

I just came back from this church camp. It was really fun but the main reason we were there was to learn about god. the theme of the camp was to "take it in and live it out" Which means the 4 days we r there is to learn of god and when we leave live it out. Well right now iam going to "live it out" and share what i learned..........

God sent his son to die for us he didn't have to he choose to even though we don't deserve it because we are all sinners he did it for us. HE also made us because he doesn't like us to have it all about I I I or I want or I need he he wants us to realize that you cant have it just about u. The pastor told us something which really caught me it was this... i know there are people out there that don't like to share he said share it its not your stuff its not your parents its not whoever gave your parents the money its gods its Jesus so its not yours he gave it to us WOW did that get me because i know i don't like to share and now that i went i share because now i now its not my stuff its gods. You know iam VERY glad i went to that camp because not only did i play and have fun but i learned alot of stuff
Thanks Camp Zephyr for helping me "take it in and live it out:)