Thursday, April 29, 2010

They Knew I Could Do It I Knew It Too=)

I am So excited at the moment. I got one of my goals I wanted this year. I got one of My scores for my TAKS test(Texas Assessment of Knowledge And Skills) it is a state test. And i got what i wanted........a Perfect Score(100) in Reading!! =). I Just took one today (science) so I will get those scores in about a week or 2. And i am getting my math score tomorrow so i am excited about that. So i am hoping I will get my 2nd and 3rd goal (scores which i hope to be 100's). So I promise as soon as I get them i will post those scores =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Boat?!?!?!

Yes we are getting a boat. My dad just told us the "suprise" last night. He told us we were going to get our own boat!!! Yes a boat ever since we went fishing at south padre island with my dad and the family he had been thinking of getting a boat. The thing is my dad is nothing close to being an outdoor person than he wants a boat!!!! So i guess he changed a bit. Another person just as excited as we are about the boat is our uncle Michael he just wants to drive the boat so he is excited about that.

As soon as we find the boat we like i will post pictures :)