Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friends Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are some of my friends from school.We are now "Seniors" at our school (5Th graders) I will not be at the same school as them.I will not be with them until freshmen year :(.So this is my last year with them and will miss them so much and i will have to start over like from beginning

Anica-You were a good friend and some one to depend on.

Michelle-My bff almost like a sister and a day younger than me.

Clarissa-A another friend i just met last year will miss you a lot (try not to get into trouble)

Gabie-was another good friend and also helped me along the way.

Brianna-We never hung out much but you were a friend to me.

Good luck in middle school next year and will miss you a lot

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